Monday, 30 March 2009


The Green Party and Young Greens have presented the ‘FIRE SAMMY PETITION’ to the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister

The Minister’s ranting about climate change has also inspired 2,551 people to join a Facebook group call REMOVE SAMMY WILSON AS ENVIRONMENT MINISTER

Speaking from the steps of Stormont Neil Halliday, a Young Green who set up the group said: “Minister Wilson's censuring of advertisements and his attitudes to climate change are incompatible with his role as Environment Minister. Not only are his opinions on the issue contrary to the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change, but his decision to ban the adverts is tantamount to censorship and is an affront to democracy in Northern Ireland. His arrogant dismissal of a no-confidence motion by the Environment Committee undermines democracy and makes a mockery of ministerial accountability.”

Some of the comments left on the FIRE SAMMY WILSON PETITION included:

James McLarnon
While Sammy Wilson is Environmental Minister, I agree Northern Ireland will never be taken seriously, however I also believe that Northern Ireland will never have the much needed public debate on future energy production it desperately needs. We have great potential resources for tidal and wind which could be utilized at a local and national level. Projects to take advantage of these resources could create employment and pave the way for a renewable future. Unfortunately men like Sammy Wilson have their head firmly stuck in the sand.

Mags Adams
NI politics has a reputation for ignoring real political issues and blatant climate change denial does nothing to encourage me that much has changed. This man should not be in public office in the new NI.
Morgwn Trolinger
Disputing scientific evidence with one's own opinions is not appropriate if in a public office representing a country

Jonny McCormick
I don't understand why this appointment was made in the first place when he clearly either really doesn't know anything about the environment, or just doesn't care.

Shauna McCollum
silly man!

S Crook
Censorship at it's most ignorant.

Barbara Groves
He is a national embarrassment.

Paul Conlon
A minister is supposed to represent the electorate, the people who put him in office. He/She is not supposed to go on continuous rants derived from his own personal opinions.

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