Saturday, 22 May 2010


The end of exams is nearing, term time is practicaly over, the Students' Union is nearly empty and Elms Village deserted but fear not, the QUB Greens will be having lots of fun events and activities for those left behind in sunny Belfast!

New Green Chair and the Twisted Hop Beer Festival...

After a brilliant year of activism both within and outside the confines of the university, it's time for us to say goodbye to our two co-chairs Mark and Lois. Their dedication and hard-work has brought us on leaps and bounds over the past year but Lois has finished her course and is preparing to head out in to the big, bad world of work. Mark is spending the first term of next year on the Erasmus scheme, studying in the prestigious University of Amsterdam and getting involved with the Deutsch Young Greens. He will be returning in the summer term to the QUB Greens. We wish them both the best of luck.

For the year of 2010/11, the Chair of the QUB Green's will be Robert McGarrell.

To celebrate this, and more importantly the end (or nearing of the end) of your exams the QUB Greens are heading to Custom House Square in Belfast's city centre to attend and enjoy the wonders of Twisted Hop Festival. On Thursday 27th May @ 6pm we will be meeting at the front of the Union in preparation for heading down to one of Belfast's newest and exciting beer festivals. Over 30 different types of beer will be available from nine of Ireland's independent breweries. In keeping with our Green Politics of buying local, independently produced products we believe this to be a very Green way of celebrating the end of this term!

Belfast Pride

Belfast Pride is Ireland’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans festival and is this year being held from the 24th July-31st July. QUB Greens will be heading down to take part in the festivities and will be also running a stand at the Community Fair! We certainly take pride in being part of Belfast Pride every year and we are always a visable and active contributer to the parade itself! If you would like to get involved, march in the parade with us or help us run the Green Party stand please let us know! :-)

Monday, 17 May 2010


The QUB Greens supported Caroline Lucas in her bid to become the Uks first Green MP through a recycling fundraiser! We were absolutely delighted to hear that Caroline got elected and that we were able to play a small part. We were even more delighted to recieve an email from Caroline thanking the efforts of the QUB Greens during her election! :-) Below is the message from Caroline.

Dear Mark, Lois and all QUB Greens,
Firstly, thank you so much for your email, here at the Green Party HQ in Brighton, we were impressed and inspired by the actions of your group and your smart recycling/fundraising project.

So a huge thank you for your work -- and your money! Thanks to your support, you've helped play a part in making history and electing the UKs very first Green MP.

You've seen how we can succeed if we work together and I hope this victory inspires you to keep working hard, getting out that Green message of fairness for all and to keep coming up with great recycling and fundraising ideas.

Warmest wishes



Young Greens and South Belfast Greens with Adam at the vote count!

A big congratulations to QUB Green Adam McGibbon who stood for the Green Party in South Belfast at the General Election. Adam gained the Greens strongest performance yet in the constituency, winning 1036 votes and 3% of the vote! We are proud of you Adam!! :-) Looking forward to helping out in the local and MLA elections next year as well!

The Young Greens also did work in other constituencies including South Down, where Cadogan Enright gained 901 votes, North Down where Steven Agnew polled 1043 votes and in Strangford where Barbara Haig achieved 562 votes.

But of course the biggest celebration was in Brighton where Caroline Lucas made history, becoming the first Green Party MP in the UK! Congratulations Caroline! :-)