Monday, 9 June 2008

Young Greens Slam Robinson over homophobic comments

The Young Greens have condemned Iris Robinson MP for her disgraceful comments on NI radio last week. Robinson claimed that homosexuals could be "turned back" with psychiatric help, referring to homosexuality as an "abomination", hot on the heels of a homophobic assault on a man in Newtownabbey.

QUB Greens Co-Chair Adam McGibbon said: "Iris is in a very fortunate position, because I doubt that she would get away with her comments on any other part of these islands. The DUP are attacking one of the only communities in our society that they (sadly) know they can still get away with persecuting - our LGBT community.

"One has to wonder if Iris would ask that the same "help" be applied to Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, in order that they too could be 'turned.' It's a sad state of affairs when in the 21st century, the chair of the Assembly's health committee believes that homosexuality is an illness."

Mr McGibbon urged an even bigger turnout for Belfast Pride this 2nd August, in order to send a message to the DUP that this attitude will not be tolerated.