Thursday, 24 September 2009


This week the Young Greens had their first stall at the University of Ulster Coleraine freshers fair!

This was to support the setting up of a new Young Green Society in Coleraine and a means to support the North Coast Green Party! Much fun was had and many enthusiastic UU Students signed up and registered their interest in the Young Greens and Green Party!

The Young Greens are growing amongst the youth wings in Northern Ireland and our visit to Coleraine is a great step in getting people in all corners of Northern Ireland active and enthusiastic to campaign for people and planet!

The Coleraine Campus landmark feature is a wind turbine standing 56 metres tall - with a power output equivalent to that consumed by 425 homes its installation and operation now provides a 1074 tonne reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions emitted at local power stations. Woohoo!!

The Young Greens also ventured and explored Coleraine meeting some locals! Members new and old enjoyed brunch in the Ground Cafe on Kingsgate Street! The Ground Cafe is totally Fairtrade and serves one mean Mushroom soup! Try it! :-D

For anyone interested in getting involved in the new Young Greens group at Coleraine give us an email at QUBGREENS@HOTMAIL.CO.UK and we'll pass on details!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The QUB Greens are supporting the South Belfast Green Party in their calls for the introduction of a 20 miles per hour speed limits on all residential streets in the area.

Green Party South Belfast spokesperson Adam McGibbon said: “I share concerns with the Ulidia Resident’s Association that more accidents are inevitable along busy side streets off the Ormeau Road if traffic speed is not reduced to twenty miles per hour. The ‘Twenty is Plenty’ campaign will not only help reduce road traffic accidents but will also reduce risk of serious injury.”

The Transport Research Laboratory has found that 20 miles per hour speed limits can decrease child pedestrian accidents by up to 70 percent. A pedestrian hit at 20 miles per hour has a 95 percent chance of survival compared to 50 percent at 30 miles per hour.

Mr. McGibbon said: "As 20 miles per hour speed limits are already in operation across towns and cities in other parts of the UK such as Portsmouth, Norwich and Newcastle, there's no reason why Belfast City Council can't explore a 20 miles per hour speed limit here too."

The QUB Greens will be working to support this campaign at the start of the new university semester this September!