Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Open publication - Free publishing - More youth

The Young Greens have put together this publication highlighting the benefits of the Green Economy to students and graduates in Ireland north and south! This publication was put together by the Young Greens National Campaigns Officer 2009/2010 Mark McCormick who is also an active member of the QUB Greens!

Thousands of first years are starting off in universities around the island of Ireland this week, and the Young Greens will be at freshers weeks around the country to get them involved in the Young Greens. We will have copies of this publication. Have a read and email us with your comments or questions at

Keep an eye out for us at the QUB Freshers Bazaar on the 29th September!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Throughout the summer members of the QUB Greens have been taking part in a project organised by St. Columbs Park House. The project involved the whole range of Youth Party's in Northern Ireland and through discussion came to write  a policy statement that all could agree with on the issue of sexual health.

A few days ago, the Political Youth Wings met together to create a short video explaining what they've been up to, and why they believe this issue is so important. Visit the youtube site at .