Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dear Dissidents, Hear Our Plea - Please end the Killing Spree

Marcus MacCormaic of the Young Greens (r) with Steven Agnew Green Party MEP Candidate (c) and Karly Greene QUB Greens Co-Chair (l)

QUB Greens spokesperson Marcus McCormick sent a message to dissidents responsible for the murder of a policeman and two young soldiers at a massive peace rally held in Belfast city centre today.“Dear Dissidents, hear our plea – please end the killing spree.”

Green Party MEP Candidate Steven Agnew joined the Young Greens with thousands of others on the streets of Belfast today in a huge Peace Rally called by the trade union movement in protest at the three recent murders.

Mr. Agnew said: “I am heartened that so many people have come here today, to show solidarity with the families of the policeman and soldiers murdered and to send a clear message to the gunmen that they are not wanted, are not supported and are not needed in new Northern Ireland. This rally today should give people hope and send some comfort to those grieving that they are not alone. The gunmen do not represent me nor anyone one else."

Marcus wrote a short account of the days protests at another blog which can be read by clicking here.

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