Thursday, 14 August 2008


Photograph shows Ed Davitt, Eoin Wilson, Mark McCormick, John Hardy, Adam McGibbon and Karly Greene carrying the QUB Green banner at the event.

The Young Greens once again took part in the annual Belfast Pride Parade. Over 7,000 people made Saturday 2nd August Belfast’s Gay Day making it the biggest and most successful year of Pride yet!

QUB Green member Karly Greene recently sent much correspondence to the Strangford MP, but recieved no reply.

Mark McCormick said, "Iris Robinson and her DUP colleagues witnessed thousands of people from all backgrounds turn out to show their opposition to her bigoted and dangerous remarks. I hope Iris Robinson takes into account how much her comments have shocked and upset not only the Gay community but people from all sexual orientations."

"Iris' comments just add to the DUP's track record in hateful remarks against the Gay Community. In the past it has been well-publised that DUP representatives have shown a consistent anti-gay streak. Maurice Mills, Ballymena DUP councillor, commented a few years ago that Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to punish the gays of New Orleans. Arthur Templeton, a Newtownabbey DUP councillor, was thrown off his local policing board and widely condemened for verbally abusing a gay man. Paul Berry, a DUP MLA, was kicked out of the DUP a few years ago for an encounter with a gay massuese. Last year, Ian Paisley Jr said that he was repulsed by gays, and that they "harm society". The list just keeps growing."

Pride, year after year, continues to send out the message, louder and louder, that such bigotry is not welcome in the 21st Century.