Sunday, 7 March 2010


The South Belfast Green Party are holding a fundraising gig and the QUB Greens will be there! The gig is at Aunties on Tuesday 23rd March and there are four bands playing! The entrance fee will be £5.

The bands are....

Comply or Die

If it’s pretty melodies and booty shaking grooves you’re after, Comply or Die are not the band for you. However, on those wretched days when you feel like smashing your head through a wall, they ably provide an ideal soundtrack to your impending unconsciousness.


Think Screeching Weasel meets Your Mum. Back after a mysterious hiatus which probably involved jail time, this is the latest incarnation of the sing-along pop punk idiots who, apparently, “still don’t give a ****”


Faster than a spooked whippet, louder than Nagasaki, more punk rock than even Chris de Burgh, Snitch will deliver a wall of ballsy, poppy punk rock so fantastic, you’ll literally dance ’til your legs come off!

Dolbro Dan

Bluesy home-made folk of the highest order. “It’s old music … but it’s actually new music … sounding like old music – but I like it!” – Gerry Anderson, BBC Radio Ulster.

So come along and bring your friends!

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