Thursday, 3 December 2009


QUB Green Co-Chair Mark McCormick transformed into Harriet the Hare this week at QUB to campaign against Hare Coursing in Northern Ireland and full protection for the Irish Hare.

Mark, as part of the League Against Cruel Sports Society at QUB, took part in a demonstration outside the student union which coincided with the reintroduction of a temporary ban on coursing the Irish hare which came into place on 1 December 2009. The Special Protection Order prevents the killing, taking, sale or purchase of the Irish hare, but only at certain times of the year!

Harriet the Hare said: “I live my life in constant fear that one day I will meet my fate in a coursing event – it is terrifying. If only the department would permanently protect me then I could live my life without fear.”

For more information on the League Against Cruel Sports email -

Email the Environment Minister and ask him to implement full protection for the Irish Hare! -


Geoffrey Woollard said...

Good for you, but don't forget the English hare, too, for the Conservatives are pledged to a 'free vote' on bringing back fox hunting and hare coursing. Sign my NoToHareCoursing E-Petition at -

QUB GREENS said...

Hi Geoffrey! I have signed you petition. Thanks for the link.
Mark, Co-Chair

Geoffrey Woollard said...

Good man, Mark, and thank you and your friends so much for what you are doing!

Geoffrey Woollard.