Sunday, 2 August 2009


Photograph shows Young Green and Green Party activists marching at Belfast Pride 2009

LGBT Community member and Green Party Activist Rob Evans said, "Pride is a time to celebrate diversity and be mindful of the journey that led us to the freedoms we enjoy today. Homosexuality was only decriminalized in Northern Ireland in 1982, and there are still those who would rather we went back to the days of invisibility and repression. Unfortunately, some of these bigots are elected members of the Assembly at Stormont."

Rob continued, "Marching at Pride with the Greens was a wonderful experience for me. It's essential to demonstrate the continuing strength of progressive, inclusive politics. By standing together against prejudice, we take a huge step forward in our quest for a diverse and sustainable future."

QUB Greens Co-Chair Adam McGibbon said, "I was proud to take part in todays parade and was even more proud to see so many Young Green / Green Party activists there with me. As the only political party with a stall inside the festival itself, we got a great reception from participants and signed up many new members interested in joining a party unashamedly based on human rights principles."

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