Thursday, 2 April 2009


Prospective Green Party MEP for Northern Ireland Steven Agnew made a visit to QUB last week to speak to the QUB Greens and Students interested in his campaign and his thoughts on the European Parliament and current issues.

Steven spoke about the Green Deal, the idea which was born in the UK with the help of the Green Leader of England & Wales Caroline Lucas, which even Barack Obama is now fighting for!

"A Green Industrial Revolution can create a new Northern Ireland where our indigenous industries will thrive once more, harnessing our unique natural resources and the manufacturing skill and industrial entrepreneurialism of our people."

"We can already see it happening here at Harland and Wolff. We see the skills, developed during the Industrial Revolution being adapted to meet the challenges of this new era. The Yard, once regarded for its ship building is now assembling turbines for new wind farms and last year assembled the first prototype wave turbine the SeaGen to generate tidal energy."

Steven spoke about the European Green Party and 43 Green MEPs in the European Parliament from 14 different countries.

"We have played a major role in the creation of legislation that has helped to protect our environment, set ambitious targets for renewable energy,increase social protection and protect biodiversity. I want to join that team and continue the great work that the Greens are doing in Europe."

Steven took several questions from the floor and also spoke about the Lisbon Treaty, Sammy Wilson, Incineration in Northern Ireland, Mechanical Biological Treatment and his thoughts on the fact that Paddy Power has the Greens and the Alliance Party on the same odds to win the European Election!

It was a great talk from Steven and we hope to have him back in the not so distant future! Hopefully as the First ever Green MEP for Northern Ireland!!

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