Monday, 20 October 2008

VOTE GREEN Student Council Elections 2008

Several QUB Greens are standing for election in the upcoming SU council elections.

Unlike several other political groupings who merely obstructed workings in council last year, the Greens opposed the stale nationalist vs unionist way the council was operating and helped "green" the campus by setting up an SU Environmental Committee and assisted in the drive to install recycling around the campus.

With your votes we could do even more this year!Our candidates are:

JASON GAMBLE - Arts, Humanities And Social Sciences

KARLY GREENE - Arts, Humanities And Social Sciences

CONOR CLERKIN - Arts, Humanities And Social Sciences

MARK MCCORMICK - Engineering And Physical Sciences

ADAM MCGIBBON will also stand in the "Open" constituency, for which elections will be held on TUESDAY 28TH OCTOBER.

You can vote on Queens Online on TUESDAY 21ST OCTOBER, BETWEEN 10AM AND 6PM. You can vote according to your university faculty.

Click HERE to go to Queens Online. When you are logged in, you can vote by choosing "Online Voting."

Keep it Green!


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Karly said...

thanks to everyone who voted!!!!!!!