Sunday, 27 April 2008

End Of The Year - A Green Year At Queens

Well, exams are now coming up and the uni year is drawing to a close - the Greens will now slow down for the exam period.

We've had a great first year at Queens - we'd like to thank everyone who made it possible and helped us along the way. For a small society, we've done a lot and we hope to do even more this year with the experience we've all gained, and the people who have now joined the original two that formed the society in September.

This year we: -

  • Made our debut at the Fresher's Bazaar, signing up 136 people, more than any other political society.
  • Elected the first four Greens to the Student Council.
  • Established the first environmental committee through the council to look after the SU's environmental affairs.
  • Worked with the SU and Belfast City Council to roll out a proper recycling system for Queens.
  • Held movie screenings and events, including the Fairtrade-promoting "Fairtrade Father Ted" and the Chernobyl movie "Heavy Water".
  • Awarded Sammy Wilson with "The Green Wash Award" at the Green Party's annual conference, (for his dangerous pro-nuclear vision for NI) leading to him mentioning it on the floor of Stormont, and subsequently asking to recieve the award in person, highlighting the irrationality of nuclear power.
  • Publicised the failings of the Vice-Chancellor's sustainability programme.

A special thanks also needs to go to Jason, Petrina, Conor, Ciaran and Michelle for their dedication. :)

The QUB Greens will still be having a few events during the summer, though - we plan to join Green Party members for the annual participation in the Belfast Pride march in August.

Have a great summer and hoping to see you all at Belfast Pride, or in time for Fresher's '08! :-)

All the best wishes!

Mark McCormick
Adam McGibbon
QUB Greens Co-Chairs

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