Friday 15 February 2013

Press Release


The Queen’s Greens have restructured and recently attracted an influx of new members who want to challenge the political status quo in Northern Ireland and bring forward a new and dynamic voice based on policies that put people first.

The QUB Green’s will be building on the successful work of previous campaigns and hope to attract even more members.

The Green Party in Northern Ireland is structured on grass-roots democracy with party members having a strong input into policy and traditionally Queen’s Greens have played a very pro-active role in that process.

Queens Greens will be campaigning this year on a number of issues which are relevant both on campus and to wider society.

QUB Green's will be actively campaigning for an affordable canteen on campus which offers healthy and preferably regionally-sourced food.

QUB Green's Chairman Timo Gedlich said: "There is a lack of a place where students can have a nutritious, ethically-sourced and affordable meal for lunch.

“In the wake of recent food scandals like the discovery of widespread contamination of beef products by horse meat, I think it is only reasonable that the University provide an alternative for students who want healthy options.

“Good nutrition is the foundation for all other aspects of life and it has never been more important that food be locally sourced so that we can be confident of its provenance and we can support our local producers who have been under financial pressure my multi-national corporations to cut prices so they can increase their profits.”

QUB Greens’ Secretary Shane Melaugh said: “We need more students to get involved so we can make a real and positive difference to our all our futures in Northern Ireland through the development and expansion of Green politics.

“The Green Party benchmarks all its policies against whether they are good for people, good for the economy and good for the environment.

“What was once considered single-issue, marginal politics has now developed significantly to offer a real political alternative based on sound economic policies.

“The past politics of division and the social issues that are built into that has proved to be ineffective because it does not actually deliver for the majority of people."

“Many are now looking for a viable alternative to sectarian division which has left our society, fractured and weakened and the Green Party can offer a vision of a brighter, fairer and cleaner future where people matter and not all policy is driven by the need for profit", QUB Greens' activist Naomi Little said.

If you are interested in making a stand for a better future, come and meet the Queen’s Greens! Please contact us on or find us on Facebook at QUB Greens or everyone is welcome to our meetings - you don't have to be a member of the Green Party to get involved! We will be meeting every Wednesday at 7pm in clubroom 5 of the Student’s Union.

Issues to be discussed and campaigned on in upcoming semesters include: Decision making at the lowest effective level; protecting the environment; green Economics which means valuing more than just money; caring for the most vulnerable in society; open, transparent, ethical representation; LGBT Rights and Anti-Racism are the basic principles we found our group work on.


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