Friday 15 February 2013

Press Release


The Queen’s Greens have restructured and recently attracted an influx of new members who want to challenge the political status quo in Northern Ireland and bring forward a new and dynamic voice based on policies that put people first.

The QUB Green’s will be building on the successful work of previous campaigns and hope to attract even more members.

The Green Party in Northern Ireland is structured on grass-roots democracy with party members having a strong input into policy and traditionally Queen’s Greens have played a very pro-active role in that process.

Queens Greens will be campaigning this year on a number of issues which are relevant both on campus and to wider society.

QUB Green's will be actively campaigning for an affordable canteen on campus which offers healthy and preferably regionally-sourced food.

QUB Green's Chairman Timo Gedlich said: "There is a lack of a place where students can have a nutritious, ethically-sourced and affordable meal for lunch.

“In the wake of recent food scandals like the discovery of widespread contamination of beef products by horse meat, I think it is only reasonable that the University provide an alternative for students who want healthy options.

“Good nutrition is the foundation for all other aspects of life and it has never been more important that food be locally sourced so that we can be confident of its provenance and we can support our local producers who have been under financial pressure my multi-national corporations to cut prices so they can increase their profits.”

QUB Greens’ Secretary Shane Melaugh said: “We need more students to get involved so we can make a real and positive difference to our all our futures in Northern Ireland through the development and expansion of Green politics.

“The Green Party benchmarks all its policies against whether they are good for people, good for the economy and good for the environment.

“What was once considered single-issue, marginal politics has now developed significantly to offer a real political alternative based on sound economic policies.

“The past politics of division and the social issues that are built into that has proved to be ineffective because it does not actually deliver for the majority of people."

“Many are now looking for a viable alternative to sectarian division which has left our society, fractured and weakened and the Green Party can offer a vision of a brighter, fairer and cleaner future where people matter and not all policy is driven by the need for profit", QUB Greens' activist Naomi Little said.

If you are interested in making a stand for a better future, come and meet the Queen’s Greens! Please contact us on or find us on Facebook at QUB Greens or everyone is welcome to our meetings - you don't have to be a member of the Green Party to get involved! We will be meeting every Wednesday at 7pm in clubroom 5 of the Student’s Union.

Issues to be discussed and campaigned on in upcoming semesters include: Decision making at the lowest effective level; protecting the environment; green Economics which means valuing more than just money; caring for the most vulnerable in society; open, transparent, ethical representation; LGBT Rights and Anti-Racism are the basic principles we found our group work on.


Monday 11 February 2013

A new semester begins: QUB Greens at re-freshers' fair

We had a great day at the freshers' fair on Wednesday last week. Many new members signed up and showed interest in Green politics. After restructuring our group we will address the issue of the lack of a decent cantine on campus in order to promote nutritious, healthy, fresh, regional, organic food for an affordable price. If you are interested in getting involved this year please come out to our first (informal) meeting which will take part on this weeks' Wednesday, 13th of February at 7:00pm in the Common Grounds Cafe (12-24 University Avenue). In this meeting we will discuss further policy ideas for this year.

Wednesday 3 November 2010


QUB Greens join with members of the South Belfast Greens along with the Green Party MLA Brian Wilson and Steven Agnew! 

The QUB Greens braved the awful weather conditions, along with over 300 students from QUB, to bring our fight for justice to Stormont. We were proud to stand shoulder to shoulder to protect the right of everyone in Northern Ireland to have a university education - regardless of their economic background and we will continue this fight.

We are digusted by the level of debt that young people are expected to endure and believe that the economics of loading thousands of pounds worth of crippling debt on those who simply want to learn and contribute to our society is fundamentally wrong.

A big mention has to go out to all the Student Officers of the QUB Students Union who have organised the protests so far! Their dedication has been outstanding.


The QUB Greens with the Green Party's Steven Agnew at the protest
The QUB Greens took part in the QUB SU organised protest against the proposed removal of the fees cap.

The opportunity achieve one’s full potential by means of third level education should not be prevented by economic factors.

The Green Party in Northern Ireland’s spokesperson Steven Agnew also lent the party’s support to students and their families by today attending and addressing the peaceful protests with the QUB Greens.

Steven was the only local political representative to address the lunchtime protest meeting in Belfast. Mr Agnew said: "The proposed removal of the cap on student fees will result on a two-tier system where only those who can afford it will be able to attend the top universities. University selection should be based simply on ability, not ability to pay.

Sunday 10 October 2010


The QUB Greens Stall at the Freshers Bazaar 2010! Signing up new members!

We had such a successful day at this years freshers bazaar! Many new members signed up and a huge number of students registering their interest in Green issues!

This year we will continue on our great record of activism and will be running campaigns on Youth Sexual Health, Human Trafficing Awareness, Campaign against Student Fees, SU Energy Efficiency Drive and more! We will also take part in our annual actions during Fairtrade Fortnight, World Aids Day and a Tree Planting ceremony.

If your interested in getting involved this year don't hesitate to send us an email to find out about our fortnightly meetings in the Students Union and to receive updates of campaigns, actions and events!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Keep It Green! =D

Wednesday 15 September 2010


Open publication - Free publishing - More youth

The Young Greens have put together this publication highlighting the benefits of the Green Economy to students and graduates in Ireland north and south! This publication was put together by the Young Greens National Campaigns Officer 2009/2010 Mark McCormick who is also an active member of the QUB Greens!

Thousands of first years are starting off in universities around the island of Ireland this week, and the Young Greens will be at freshers weeks around the country to get them involved in the Young Greens. We will have copies of this publication. Have a read and email us with your comments or questions at

Keep an eye out for us at the QUB Freshers Bazaar on the 29th September!

Wednesday 1 September 2010


Throughout the summer members of the QUB Greens have been taking part in a project organised by St. Columbs Park House. The project involved the whole range of Youth Party's in Northern Ireland and through discussion came to write  a policy statement that all could agree with on the issue of sexual health.

A few days ago, the Political Youth Wings met together to create a short video explaining what they've been up to, and why they believe this issue is so important. Visit the youtube site at .

Saturday 22 May 2010


The end of exams is nearing, term time is practicaly over, the Students' Union is nearly empty and Elms Village deserted but fear not, the QUB Greens will be having lots of fun events and activities for those left behind in sunny Belfast!

New Green Chair and the Twisted Hop Beer Festival...

After a brilliant year of activism both within and outside the confines of the university, it's time for us to say goodbye to our two co-chairs Mark and Lois. Their dedication and hard-work has brought us on leaps and bounds over the past year but Lois has finished her course and is preparing to head out in to the big, bad world of work. Mark is spending the first term of next year on the Erasmus scheme, studying in the prestigious University of Amsterdam and getting involved with the Deutsch Young Greens. He will be returning in the summer term to the QUB Greens. We wish them both the best of luck.

For the year of 2010/11, the Chair of the QUB Green's will be Robert McGarrell.

To celebrate this, and more importantly the end (or nearing of the end) of your exams the QUB Greens are heading to Custom House Square in Belfast's city centre to attend and enjoy the wonders of Twisted Hop Festival. On Thursday 27th May @ 6pm we will be meeting at the front of the Union in preparation for heading down to one of Belfast's newest and exciting beer festivals. Over 30 different types of beer will be available from nine of Ireland's independent breweries. In keeping with our Green Politics of buying local, independently produced products we believe this to be a very Green way of celebrating the end of this term!

Belfast Pride

Belfast Pride is Ireland’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans festival and is this year being held from the 24th July-31st July. QUB Greens will be heading down to take part in the festivities and will be also running a stand at the Community Fair! We certainly take pride in being part of Belfast Pride every year and we are always a visable and active contributer to the parade itself! If you would like to get involved, march in the parade with us or help us run the Green Party stand please let us know! :-)

Monday 17 May 2010


The QUB Greens supported Caroline Lucas in her bid to become the Uks first Green MP through a recycling fundraiser! We were absolutely delighted to hear that Caroline got elected and that we were able to play a small part. We were even more delighted to recieve an email from Caroline thanking the efforts of the QUB Greens during her election! :-) Below is the message from Caroline.

Dear Mark, Lois and all QUB Greens,
Firstly, thank you so much for your email, here at the Green Party HQ in Brighton, we were impressed and inspired by the actions of your group and your smart recycling/fundraising project.

So a huge thank you for your work -- and your money! Thanks to your support, you've helped play a part in making history and electing the UKs very first Green MP.

You've seen how we can succeed if we work together and I hope this victory inspires you to keep working hard, getting out that Green message of fairness for all and to keep coming up with great recycling and fundraising ideas.

Warmest wishes



Young Greens and South Belfast Greens with Adam at the vote count!

A big congratulations to QUB Green Adam McGibbon who stood for the Green Party in South Belfast at the General Election. Adam gained the Greens strongest performance yet in the constituency, winning 1036 votes and 3% of the vote! We are proud of you Adam!! :-) Looking forward to helping out in the local and MLA elections next year as well!

The Young Greens also did work in other constituencies including South Down, where Cadogan Enright gained 901 votes, North Down where Steven Agnew polled 1043 votes and in Strangford where Barbara Haig achieved 562 votes.

But of course the biggest celebration was in Brighton where Caroline Lucas made history, becoming the first Green Party MP in the UK! Congratulations Caroline! :-)

Friday 9 April 2010


Delighted to see our very own Adam McGibbon being discussed on Hearts & Minds as the Youngest candidate in N.I! :-D


As you may have noticed the posters have started to appear in South Belfast! As the posters are now going up, we're offering people the chance to SPONSOR A POSTER..

Sponsoring a poster is a great way to support the campaign - for a donation of £10 through Paypal (see here: ), a poster is tagged with your initials and when the election is over, it's yours to keep... brilliant as a scarecrow! :-p

You can follow Adams campaign on the South Belfast Green Party website - or you can join and support his campaign on facebook! -


Adam McGibbon is the Green Party's candidate for South Belfast for the next general election, due on 6th May 2010.

Adam is a postgraduate politics student at Queen's University, and the youngest candidate in Northern Ireland in this election. He joined the Green Party in 2007 at the age of 19, becoming the youngest member of the Party's Executive Committee and is currently the Chairperson of the South Belfast branch. A founder of the Party's Queens University branch, he is currently Vice-President-elect of Queen's Students' Union.


To vote in South Belfast, you need to be on the electoral register. This can be done quickly an easily by filling out an online form, printing it off and posting it. Go to: to find out more!

Information for students:

Best of Luck Adam!!! With all the Green love of the QUB Greens! :-D

Monday 29 March 2010


The QUB Greens! from left to right, Fionnuala, Lois, Mark, Bob and Adam with the Recycle4charity collection box! Photography by Shannen Nugent.

The QUB Greens have been collecting used print cartridges this term to be recycled in support of Caroline Lucas MEP and her campaign to become the first Green MP at Westminster.

We have collected 100 print cartridges and a number of mobile phones which will be sent to Recycle4charity!

Over four million used cartridges are thrown away each year and end up in landfill sites!

Not only is this a huge waste of resources, but the empty inkjets are worth £1 to charities and not for profit organizations when recycled. We have also seen an increasing need for mobile phone recycling which is also another item worth £££'s!

By supporting the Recycle 4 Charity campaign we will be helping the environment whilst also donating the proceeds to Carolines campaign!

According to recent polls the Greens in Brighton & Hove are well in the lead with 35% of the constituency's voters followed by the Conservatives on 27%, Labour on 25% and LibDems on 11%!
Supporting Carolines campaign also shows the Greens in NI's East-West links as well as our North South links.
The QUB Greens hope with our small contribution we can play our part in making Green history in the UK.

Sunday 7 March 2010


QUB Greens, from left to right, Bob, Ronan and Lois promoting Fairtrade in the QUB SU during Fairtrade Fortnight!

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices (which must never fall lower than the market price), Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

This year the QUB Greens decided to highlight the Green aspects of Fairtrade! Click on the image to see our poster explaining the green aspects of Fairtrade! - for more information on the Fairtrade Vision!


The South Belfast Green Party are holding a fundraising gig and the QUB Greens will be there! The gig is at Aunties on Tuesday 23rd March and there are four bands playing! The entrance fee will be £5.

The bands are....

Comply or Die

If it’s pretty melodies and booty shaking grooves you’re after, Comply or Die are not the band for you. However, on those wretched days when you feel like smashing your head through a wall, they ably provide an ideal soundtrack to your impending unconsciousness.


Think Screeching Weasel meets Your Mum. Back after a mysterious hiatus which probably involved jail time, this is the latest incarnation of the sing-along pop punk idiots who, apparently, “still don’t give a ****”


Faster than a spooked whippet, louder than Nagasaki, more punk rock than even Chris de Burgh, Snitch will deliver a wall of ballsy, poppy punk rock so fantastic, you’ll literally dance ’til your legs come off!

Dolbro Dan

Bluesy home-made folk of the highest order. “It’s old music … but it’s actually new music … sounding like old music – but I like it!” – Gerry Anderson, BBC Radio Ulster.

So come along and bring your friends!


In the newest addition of the Gown newpaper the QUB Greens were surprised, amused and secretly delighted to be portrayed as one of the most influential socieities on campus!

Our influence was compared to that of the long established Law, GAA and Christian Union socieites at QUB even though as a society we have only been actively campaigning for just over 2 years and founded only in 2007! We have worked hard and have had a very visable presence in the Students Union getting involved in many SU campaigns as well as starting our own.

We strive to be an active, diverse and vibrant society and in its own way we think the Gown have captured our efforts quite well in the recent illustration by Niall Mooney!

Make sure you grab a copy of the latest gown edition which can be easily found in the SU, Library or in many other places around campus! Also visit their website -

Thursday 4 March 2010


Our fellow QUB Green Adam McGibbon  has been elected as VP Welfare of the QUB Students Union with over 1700 votes!!

Adam was the founder of the QUB Greens at Queens and served as its Co-Chair for two years! Without Adam we wouldnt be the vibrant and active society that we are today!

Congratulations Adam!!!

With lots of Green Love!!!!  The QUB Greens!

Wednesday 17 February 2010


The QUB Greens travelled to Downpatrick on Saturday 13th Feb for a Tree Planting day!

On arrival in Downpatrick we were greeted by the South Down Green Party and Cllr Cadogan Enright and given a talk about local campaigns they are involved in.

We visited the Downpatrick Art Gallery which is currently featuring pictures of the beautiful East Down coastline which is being threatened with loosing its designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty! For more information on this go to this link - Click here

We then travelled out to Killough were we planted a variety of 60 native trees including Blackthorn, Hazel, Ash, Downy Birch and Beech trees! Mabye in a few years we will revisit the area and see how our trees are getting on! 

Many thanks to those who came along, and to Councillor Cadogan Enright for looking after us for the day!

   The QUB Greens at work with veteran tree planter and retired Green Party councillor Bill Corry!

Thursday 11 February 2010


QUB Greens Secretary Bob McGarrell working the stall at the re-freshers bazaar!

This week the QUB Greens took part in the Re-Freshers Bazaar  (a chance for societies to sign up new recruits and interested students for the 2nd semester) on Wednesday and also in the QUB Students Union Green Day on Thursday!! :-D

We had a great time speaking to many students and signing up a few more people for our Tree Planting Day this weekend! Time and time again we hear from students that green issues are issues that they care for and are delighted to see a society willing to do something about it!

A special word must go out to Paul Courtney, Student Officers, the Student Union staff and volunteers for the successful Green Day and also on the huge success of the bun sale in which all of the proceeds went towards the Haiti Fund!

The 2nd semester is still young and we have many green events coming up that we would love for you to get involved in so send us an email and get active! :-D

Sunday 7 February 2010


Saturday 13th February - 11.30am - 2pm

The QUB Greens will be meeting at Belfast Europa Bus Station at 10.15am to get the 10.30 bus to Downpatrick. The day will include meeting up with some members of the South Down Green Party and the Green Party Councillor Cadogan Enright. We will then make our way to the chosen area for planting the trees. A number of trees have been kindly provided by the Woodland Trust and more from the local Green Party. We will then be getting a vegan lunch provided by the local greens! :-)

If you wish to come along simply send us an email confirming so we can get an idea of numbers -

Or you can RSVP on our Facebook event page! -